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Caked UP! e-Juice Review

Jun 25, 2016 | e-Juice Reviews

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Coming soon, our next review will be the Caked UP! e-Juice Review and as always we will start with our first impression and then follow it up with our complete review. We like to give you as much info as possible right away so you don’t have to wait a week or two for the full review.We have included pictures and the e-Juice description directly from the manufactures website.That’s it for now, stay tuned to this page for updates on the Caked UP! e Liquid Review. You can subscribe to the newsletter in the box below to stay up to date with all of our reviews, deals, and current review updates.


Caked UP!

Buy Caked UP! e-Juice

Caked Up! e-Juice Review

Caked Up!

Profile – Birthday cake milkshake.

What you’ll taste on a hot build (60 watt+)
Delicious confetti cake batter on the inhale, sweet vanilla icing and whipped cream on the exhale.

What you’ll taste on a less hot build (15-30 watts)
A savory confetti cake, lightly blended with a vanilla milkshake and fluffy marshmallows.

Caked UP! eJuice
Caked Up! eJuice

Have you tried Caked Up! e-Juice yet? If you have let us know what you think in the comments below.

1 Comment

  1. Amanda

    =o Wow! Well, DAMMIT all, Tophat… damn.. it.. all! Omg, just ADORE THAT DEVICE (on the right) ALL OF IT.. The stone… & Holy hell, that PURPLE! Phew, totally “makes it”, imho. So unique! SO absoluckingflutely gorgeous too! (& so absoluckingflutely “jelly”, btw) =p Sigh… ENJOY!!!!!!!! Live long(ER) & vape on! abillionlives #youarebeingLIEDto

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