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  • At this time we ship to the U.S, Canada, & UK. For other countries please read International Shipping.
  • We are located in Florida. Every order ships from Florida.
  • Same Day Shipping Cutoff Time: Mon – Fri: 8am EST. Sat: 7am EST.
  • All Orders must be shipped & delivered to the address used at Checkout. Orders cannot be left at a neighbor’s or friends house.
  • Shipping Delivery Days are always a Estimate & only include Business Days. The only Guaranteed Service is Priority Express. Weather, Natural Disasters, Sales, Holidays, & busy times of year can effect the amount of Days it takes for a package to be Delivered.
  • UPDATE 1/11/19 – It is now mandatory to have your packages shipped to your Billing Address. If you need the package shipped elsewhere you can submit a Ticket via. our Customer Service page here. You will need to provide Documentation if shipping to a different Address other than the Billing.
  • Shipping fees are NEVER refunded, unless it’s Priority Mail Express & the Delivery Date was missed.
  • Local Pickup will be in Palm Beach County. Location given after Order is placed.

Shipping Rate Increases:

  • UPDATE: 2023 – USPS has increased their Postage Rates. We have adjusted our Shipping Rates to reflect this increase.
  • UPDATE: 2022 – USPS has increased their Postage Rates. We have adjusted our Shipping Rates to reflect this increase.
  • UPDATE: 2021 – USPS has increased their Postage Rates. We have adjusted our Shipping Rates to reflect this increase.
  • UPDATE: 2020 – USPS has increased their Postage Rates. We have adjusted our Shipping Rates to reflect this increase.
  • UPDATE: 2019 – USPS has increased their Postage Rates. We have adjusted our Shipping Rates to reflect this increase.

Canada / UK:

  • Please order at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for any part of a order that is International. We do not have access to any special information or Tracking. Everything you see is what we see. Please be prepared for packages to take weeks or even months. Shipping can NEVER be refunded for a International Package. We really need you to be 100% sure before placing your International Order. There is not anything we are able to do to help if something happens. Unfortunately it will be a total loss for you if something happens to you package. If a package does get returned to us eventually we will of course issue a refund for the amount of the items, excluding the Shipping. Thank you for understanding.
  • All customers ordering from Canada or the UK must be aware of the Import Laws for your Country. The Best Vape is not responsible for any items or packages that are stopped or seized by any authority. All Duties, Taxes, & any other Fees are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Refunds are only applied to items that are returned to us in Unopened / Brand New Condition. If the returned package incurs any return charges those will be deducted from your refund.

Your Responsibility:

As the Customer it is your responsibility to Track your package and know when it is arriving. You should always sign up for Text Message & Email Shipping Update Notifications so you know exactly when the package is arriving. If you know ahead of time that packages tend to be stolen than it is your responsibility to make some sort of arrangement to get your package. You need to have a secure location that your Mail Carrier can deliver packages to.

Once USPS delivers the package our Job is complete. It is up to you to make sure your package will be secure if you are not home. You can ask your Postal Worker to put packages in a certain place that is out of view from the street, you can be home when the Postal Worker is going to be there, you can have a friend or family member be there, or you can rent a PO Box and have packages shipped there. There are lots of options available to make sure that your package doesn’t get stolen.

Please understand that we cannot be responsible for packages that are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Please do your part and pro-actively Track incoming packages so you know when they are arriving. Remember, it is your responsibility to find a secure place that packages can be left & to than inform the Postal Workers of this location.

Shipping On Holidays / Sales / Events:

  • Due to increased Order Volumes on Holidays, Sales, & other Events our Same Day / Next Business Day Shipping Policy is lifted. We always do our best to Process & Ship Orders as fast as possible. You can always check our Shipping Status here.

Submit the Wrong Address?

  • If you submitted the wrong address at Checkout and the package comes back to us, we will reship your Order after you have paid to re-ship it.

Lost, Undelivered, Marked As Delivered Packages:

Lost, Undelivered, or packages that have been marked as Delivered but not received are not the responsibility of The Best Vape. Any issues regarding the above must be resolved by the Customer with USPS. We will help with supplying paperwork such as Invoices or Shipping Receipts just Submit a Customer Service Request.

Stolen Packages:

If you believe a Package has been stolen you need to file a Police Report & then Submit A Claim with USPS. Once a Package has been marked as Delivered there isn’t anything we can do. Stolen Packages are not the responsibility of The Best Vape.


  • Pre-Shipment. If your Tracking says “Pre-Shipment” please don’t be alarmed. If your Order is shown as “Completed” and you received a Tracking #, your Order has shipped. We do not hold onto packages. This “Pre-Shipment” Status just means USPS has not actually scanned your package. But, they do have it, and it is in route. USPS is very overwhelmed and they do not have the resources to scan every single package right away. It will probably be scanned and updated within a few days. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times.
  • Sometimes it takes a few hours for the initial acceptance scan to update in USPS’s Tracking System.
  • If you receive an email with a Tracking # you can be sure it has shipped or is shipping that day. Always look at the Date next to the Tracking # in the Order Completed Email, that is the Ship Date.
  • Duplicate / Multiple Items Found – If your Tracking Status says “Duplicate” or “Multiple Items Found” this is a temporary USPS Glitch. Please give their system a few hours to work itself out. Normally this clears itself up when the package is physically scanned.
  • USPS Tracking Link –

USPS Priority Mail Map

Shipping Days Legend
Priority Mail Map

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