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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How To Check Your Order Status?

Ways To Check Order Status:

CHECK YOUR SPAM & JUNK MAIL FOLDERS if you haven’t received any type of Order related email. For Gmail Email Address’s you also need to check your Promotions Tab.

You can check your Order Status by using your Order # & Billing Email Address here.

As soon you as you click “Place Order” on the Checkout page & the transaction has went through successfully you are taken to a “Thank You Confirmation” page which has every bit of information you could possibly want about your Order including Tracking # when available. We recommend saving that link to the page so you can go back later.

In your Order Confirmation Email that you receive immediately after placing your Order there is a Blue Button at the bottom of the Email that says “Track Order / Order Confirmation”, clicking that button will take you to the “Thank You Confirmation” page we referenced in the paragraph above.

If you have a Account (we highly recommend creating a account before or while placing your order) you can log into your Account & navigate to “My Account” > “My Orders” & click on the specific Order you would like to know more about.

Emails are sent automatically as soon as you Place a Order & when a Order has been Shipped, please check your Inbox for these Emails. If they are not there then they are in your Spam, Junk, or Promotions Folder.

2) Shipping To A Different Address?

To Ship to a Address other than your Billing Address we do need some sort of Proof of Residency. This can be a License, ID, Invoice, Bill, or Piece of Mail. As long as it has your Billing First & Last Name & the Shipping Address on it.

You can cover any sensitive information. All we need to see is your Name & Requested Shipping Address printed in black & white.

We have this Policy in place to deter/prevent Fraud. Also, due to the current Climate of this Industry, it is more important than ever to make sure that the PERSON WHO ORDERS IS THE PERSON WHO ACTUALLY RECEIVES THE ORDER.

Please send a email to shipping @ with the required information listed above before or after Checking out.

3) How Long Does It Take To Ship?

On normal days (Excluding Sales, Holidays, or Special Events) for In Stock items our Shipping Cutoff Times apply. Monday to Friday – 8am EST, Saturday – 8am EST. You can read more about our Shipping here. You can check our Shipping Status here.

4) Order Was Declined But Still Charged?

Your Bank is showing what’s called a “Pending Charge”. This means your Bank / Credit Card Company is holding the funds even though it was declined. Pending Charges will not be transferred to us because the Transaction was not Approved. The Holding of funds period of time can vary and is based solely on your Bank / Credit Card Company. This has nothing to do with us, we do not have any control of the Transaction at this point.

You are NEVER charged for declined Orders. Your Bank or Credit Card Issuer will show the charges as “Pending”, but will eventually & automatically be removed.

When you make a online purchase your Credit Card is not charged at that moment. The Card Processor checks with your Bank or Credit Card Issuer to make sure you have enough available credit to complete the purchase. At that time the Hold is placed, or sometimes called a “Pending Charge”. Then your other information you submitted is checked. If you submitted the wrong Billing Address the Transaction will be Declined, but the Hold / Pending Charge is still there.

This is not unique to us, this is how all Online Transactions work.

Please Note: Some Banks or Credit Card Issuers can take 48 hours or longer to release the Funds or remove the Pending Charges.

5) I Never Received My Order Confirmation Email, Where Is It?

Order Confirmation Emails are sent automatically and have to be sent. There is no way it cannot send. If it is not in your Inbox please check your Spam / Junk folders. For Gmail please check your ‘Promotions” Tab.

You can search for the following text in your Email Account/Folders:

the best vape

You can also search for this email address. Make sure to delete the space after the s & before the @ symbol –


6) Address Verification Failed?

If your Order was declined and you received the “Address Verification Failed” message than your Order did not pass Address Verification, also known as AVS (Address Verification Service). This is designed to help in the identification of suspicious Credit Card activity. AVS matches the Billing Address Submitted with the Billing Address on file with the Card issuing Bank. For your Order to go through successfully the Billing Address submitted must match what is on file with your Bank /  Credit Card Company. Please edit the Billing Address and try to place the Order again.

7) Where Do You Ship?

Currently we ship to the US, Canada, & the UK. This includes Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, & AA/AE/AP. We have partnered with a reputable Shipping Company to handle all other International Orders. You can read more here.

8) Why Doesn't My Coupon Code Work?

There are some Products that Coupon Codes will not work on. Pre-Order items, Deal of the Day items, Blowout items, & certain other Products are exempt from Coupon Codes.

9) Having Problems With Age Verification?

We use to verify age. You can read about Verification here. For help please call 1-888-276-2303 or email

10) Is Saving My Payment Method Safe?

In short, yes it is. Your Payment Data is stored on’s Secure Servers, not ours. We do not keep or see any of this sensitive information. is one of the largest payment Processing Companies in the World & have been around since 1996.

11) Do You Ship Discreetly?

Yes we do. There is no indication on the Package of what’s inside. We abbreviate our Company Name on the Shipping Label so there is no way to know who sent it. This is for your Privacy as well as Security.

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