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International Shipping

MyUS International Shipping


We ship directly to the US, Canada, & UK.


Any other countries need to use the MyUS Service listed on this page.

We have partnered with MyUS to handle some of our International Shipments. If you are in the US, Canada, or the UK you don’t need to use this. You can place the order on our site directly. This is for other countries. You can now use their Personal Shopper Service to Order from us! You add the products to your MyUS Cart, they complete the Order, we ship to them, they ship to you.


Countries That They Cannot Ship To:

Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Korea

Please make sure MyUS can deliver to your Country before placing your order.

If they receive the package & determine the products cannot be shipped to your Country, you will have to pay them a $8.00 Fee plus pay us to provide a Prepaid Shipping Label to them. This is $16.50 you would have to pay just to get the package back to us so you can get a Refund. This refund would only be for the items you purchased, not the Shipping.

Please Note: Shipping Fees can NEVER be refunded regardless of the circumstances.

Please make sure MyUS can deliver to your Country before placing your order.


We Now Ship To Canada & The UK!

We ship to the US, Canada, & the UK. You would need to use MyUS for other Countries.

Check out the Shipping page for details


MyUS Info & Instructions


Sign up for a Premium Account here – Direct Link for Premium Account Signup here – Read the FAQ here –

  • Scroll Down to ‘Personal Shopper”
  • You will need to use the Personal Shopper Feature

How to Place Your Personal Shopper Order

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Personal Shopper link at the top of the page, and click Order Now.
  3. Copy and paste the product URL (link) of our product page into the Personal Shopper order form and click Add.
  4. Verify the product information is correct, provide any details (size, color, etc.) not automatically filled in, and click Add to Cart.
  5. From Your Shopping Cart, select Continue Shopping to add more items, or Checkout to proceed to payment options.
  6. From the Checkout page, specify the method we should use to pay the seller. You have the option to choose the billing method on file or add a new payment method.
  7. When you have specified a payment method, click Order & Pay to place your order.
  8. We will identify ourselves to the seller as your representative, and purchase the merchandise using our US credit card, PayPal account or money order. Your MyUS account is billed for the actual cost of the purchase plus a Personal Shopper service fee.
  9. Your Personal Shopper purchase will arrive at MyUS like any other order, ready for shipment. It couldn’t be easier!

The Personal Shopper team is available by telephone or email Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

What Is A Personal Shopper?

MyUS Personal Shopper service is available to Premium, +Mail and VIP members. Most US merchants are set up to accommodate international shoppers, but at times our members will encounter a US retailer that:

  • Only accepts US credit cards and/or a US billing address
  • Requires payment through PayPal or money order
  • Won’t accept payment by check

Fortunately, the MyUS Personal Shopper service removes these obstacles, giving you access to more of the products the US has to offer!

How the Process Works:

  • Simply provide the Personal Shopper team with your order information and they will purchase the goods for you.
  • Pay with the default billing method on your MyUS account, or add a new payment method to pay for your order. You will also be charged a small Personal Shopper processing fee.

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