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Shipping Status

 1 Business Day Delay

1 Day Delay with our Shipping as of now.

eCommerce ALWAYS goes by Business Days. Weekends & Holidays do not count as “Days”. The Day you place an Order is always Day 0. The next Business Day is Day 1.


If you Order on Monday, Monday is Day 0 & Tuesday is Day 1. If you Order on Friday, Friday is Day 0 & Monday is Day 1. This is how almost every Online Shop in the World works.

Live Updates

Wednesday October 28, 2020

The Processing Delay information on this page overrides all other shipping info on this site.

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  • USPS is extremely overwhelmed. Online Shopping is at an all time high. More than all other Holidays combined. There will be delays, sometimes even a few weeks. There will be Tracking that doesn’t update for a week. There is going to be packages shipped to the wrong Sorting Center. All of these things should be expected. I would not expect a package to arrive within a few days like it did pre-pandemic.
  • While there might not be any issues with your package, there’s a good chance there might be.

As long as USPS is up & running we will continue to process and ship Orders.

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