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Disposable Policy

All Sales Are Final

Refund Policy

Customer Remedy
1st Time Issue Product Refund
2nd Time + Issue 50% Store Credit


You are welcome to contact the Manufacture directly if you are having issues. Feel free to contact them to report and resolve the problem. They are US Based.

Due to the nature of Disposables, we have these Policies in place that must be read and agreed to if you are buying or already bought a Disposable Product.

The Billing Email Address used at Checkout is what we use to log & keep track of Refund History. Issues are tallied Per Customer, not Per Product.

Any Disposable Brand or Issue:

1st Time - The first time a Customer has a issue with any Disposable Product we will offer a Full Refund for the Order (if only that 1 item was bought). If multiple products were purchased the Refund amount would be for the product with the issue.

After the 1st time, when a Customer has a issue with any Disposable Product we will send a Store Credit for 50% of what was paid for the item. If $15.99 was paid, a Store Credit would be sent for $7.99. You can always contact the Manufacture directly.


All Sales are Final. We do not offer Refunds or Exchanges on any Products. Please make sure you are 100% sure you want the Product(s) you are Ordering. If you have any questions before placing the Order you can submit a Customer Service Request here, or contact us on Facebook Messenger here.

If you received a wrong item, broken item, or defective item, you must report this to Customer Service within 24 hours of Delivery. The 24 hours is based on the date & time that USPS shows the package was Delivered.

We do not directly handle Warranties, Exchanges, or Repairs.

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