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Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Box Mod

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Pulse BF 80W Mod With Vandy Chip

  • High End Version (Includes 30mL Refill Bottle)
  • Size: 82mm x 56mm x 27mm
  • Screen: .91″ OLED
  • Material: PE
  • Vandy Chip
  • Vandy Vape Chip (Advanced) (High-Efficiency / High-Accuracy)
  • 80W Max (Regulated Mod) / Adjustable Wattage
  • Rapid Firing / Precise Output Control
  • Standby current: <30UA
  • Output Voltage: 0.5 – 8.5V
  • Resistance Range: .05-  3ohm (VW) / .05-  1.5ohm (TC)
  • Temperature Range: 200-600°F / 100-315℃
  • Protections (Overheating, Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Open Circuit, Overtime)
  • Low Battery Warning
  • 1 x 18650 / 1 x 20700
  • Leak-Proof 510 Connector (Multiple Seals)
  • Easy Grip Squonk Bottle
  • 6 Colors to Start
  • Pulse BF 80W Resin Mod & Pulse BF 80W Carbon Fiber Mod
  • Collaboration: Vandy Vape & Tony B
  • See Video Below (Under Description Section or Click Here)

Panels – Pulse BF 80W Replacement Panels
Bottles – Pulse BF 80W Replacement Bottles
Perfect RDA For This Device – Lit RDA

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ETA / Release Date / Ship Date from Vandy Vape: May 2nd

Price Updated For New Vandy Chip

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Pulse BF 80W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

Featuring The Vandy Chip

Regulated Squonk Mod

Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Box Mod Product Contents:

  • 1 x Pulse BF 80W Box Mod
  • 1 x 8mL Squonk Bottle
  • 1 x 18650 Adapter
  • 1 x 30mL Refill Bottle
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Pulse 80W Contents

Well, this is going to be the hottest Regulated Squonk Mod Of 2018 for sure. The Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Box Mod was just released @ ECC Ontario and from what we have heard people absolutely love it. We haven’t seen the insides yet but from seeing peoples facial expressions we assume it’s gorgeous.

Pulse BF 80W

The Full details & specs are now updated on this page. We do know it will utilize the Vandy Vape Chip which maxes out @ 80W, with multiple Output Modes. It will be coming in 6 different styles; Resin & Carbon Fiber. There will of course be Resin & Carbon Fiber Replaceable Panels & Replaceable Bottles available for purchase to further customize your new Mod. You will be able to use either a 18650 or a 20700 Battery. Looking for the perfect RDA to go with the 80W Pulse? Check out the soon to be released Lit RDA by Vandy Vape that you can Pre-Order now.

It will also come with their new 30mL Refill Bottle which is a big plus. The Vandy Vape Refill Bottles (which we have In Stock right now) make life much easier when it comes to Refilling your Squonk Bottle. This is the first device they are including it with. So far the Refill Bottles come in 2 Sizes (30mL / 50mL) & 5 Colors. The Colors are/ White/Clear, Black, Blue, Red, & Green.

Regulated Pulse BF 80W Box Mod

if you have been waiting for a Regulated Squonk Mod to come out then this is for you. No more guessing if you have battery life left. While this might not be a big deal to some people, there are tons of people who would like to know exactly how much battery life they have left. This Pulse BF 80W Regulated Box Mod should be hitting Shops towards the end of February or beginning of March.

More info to come soon, sorry for the bad pictures. We don’t normally like to add these types photos to our Product Pages, but we don’t really have a choice for this one. Vandy Vape is on Holiday for a few weeks, like all (most) Chinese Companies, so we won’t have official images until they return to work. We will definitely update the images as soon as we get them. For now, these screenshots will have to do.

Pulse BF 80W Mod Price

As for the price, since that is probably what most of you want to know, we do not know yet. Most of their products are very affordable so we assume this will be as well. As soon as we get the cost we will update the page and enable Pre-Orders. This is going to a extremely sought after product & will most likely be hard to keep In Stock. We encourage you to get your Pre-Order in sooner rather than later. You can sign up to get notified when Pre-Orders are open & then again when it’s In Stock. Pre-Orders are now open, if you want to be notified when these are In Stock please Signup Here

Update: We have been told the price will be in-between $60 – $70. This is not the official price from Vandy Vape, this is just what we know right now. Make sure to sign up using the link above to get notified when Pre-Orders are open for the Pulse BF 80W.

Pulse 80W Release Date

There is no official Release Date set yet. As stated above Vandy Vandy is on Chinese Holiday until the 22nd. Once they get back we will be getting all the important details like Release Date, Ship Date, Price,  Full Specs, & Product Contents.

Update – 3/10/18: The latest information we received from Vandy Vape was that they are going to start shipping these from their Warehouse towards the end of April. This date is subject to change at any given time.

Vandy Vape 80W Pulse BF Mod Pre-Order

Pre-Orders will open the minute we get the price from Vandy Vape. It will stay open until the Mods arrive and are physically in our possession. The Pre-Order price and the regular In Stock price might be different. Only place the Pre-Order if you can wait. We will not be offering “Change Your Mind Refunds”. All Pre-Orders will be Final. If you plan on ordering other  items along with the Pre-Order then everything will ship together when it’s all In Stock. We highly recommend placing separate Orders to keep things simple and so you don’t have to wait for your In Stock items to ship. You can signup up to get a email when Pre-Order Open. Sign Up to be notified when these are In Stock & Ready to ship – Signup Now.

Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Box Mod With Vandy Vape Chip

Vandy Chip

Update: 3/15/18

As most of you know there has been lots of drama about the Chip from a certain Mfr. that is no longer being used. We are fully aware of what is going on and have been in constant contact with Vandy Vape about this. Rest assured, this Vandy Vape Chip is not just something they created yesterday. It has been in Development & Testing for a long time. Do not let the Chip determine if you want this Device, or at least do not make up your mind until you actually see it. We have been told that a Review of the Pulse BF 80W With Vandy Vape Chip will be out next week. As soon as we get info on the Review we will be sending out a email to our List.

Customers Who Already Pre-Ordered

We are waiting on word from Vandy Vape regarding the updated Price. There is a chance that the Device will be less than what you have already paid, & if it is we will be issuing you either a Store Credit or Refund for amount of the difference. We have no clue what the Price will be yet. We spoke with Vandy Vape last night and they didn’t even know what the pricing will be. We will update here when we get more information.

Update: 3/21/18

We have updated the pricing to reflect the cost of the Device with the Vandy Vape Chip. If you Pre-Ordered before the price change we will be offering a few options. You can choose either a 30mL or 50mL Vandy Vape Refill Bottle, a Store Credit, or a Partial Refund. We will be reaching out to everyone who this applies to, or you can submit a Customer Service Request here.

Pulse BF 80W Mod With Vandy Chip


Pulse BF 80W High End Version Resin

Pulse BF 80W Carbon Fiber High End Version


Pulse BF 80W Product Contents

Pulse BF 80W Specs

Pulse BF 80W Components


Leak-Proof 510 Connector

Magnetic Structure


8mL Easy Grip Juice Bottle & 30mL Refill Bottle


Vandy Chip Vandy Chip Multiple Protections


Compatible Batteries

Additional information


1 – Lava Red, 2 – Fantastic Blue, 3 – Seaweed Green, 4 – Aurora Rainbow, 5 – Carbon Fiber (Full Black), 6 – Carbon Fiber (Silver / Black)

Pre-Order Policy

Please read this information to learn about Pre-Orders & how they work. We make no guarantees about Product Availability, Arrival Times, or Shipping Times. Please Order at your own risk.

What Is A Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order is an Order placed to hold a product before it actually arrives. These Products are generally not In Stock & not available for Delivery when assigned to the Pre-Order Category. Customers can Pre-Order products to guarantee they receive one before it gets sold out. You are essentially reserving a Product by paying for it ahead of its release. Your Order will get the highest priority and ship before any Orders placed when the Product is In Stock.

Most of the time these Products are still in the Development or Production stages when we list them on our Site. The finished Product may vary in design, size, specs, & the contents of the package might change slightly. We cannot be responsible for these changes. Placing a Pre-Order is completely your responsibility so please do all your due diligence before placing the Pre-Order.

Will You Be The First Shop To Get These In?

We have no clue. We cannot control the Manufactures or Shipping Companies. We also assume that Manufactures ship first come first serve. So the Companies that ordered before us will most likely receive the Items first. Sometimes this will be us, sometimes it won’t. Do not place the Pre-Order if you have to be the first person to have it.

When Will My Item Ship?

Pre-Orders can become very complicated and the ETA is never set in stone. The Release Date can change at any time and we bare no responsibly in this. There are usually ETA’s set by the Manufacture but these are never Final. These are Estimates and should be taken as such.

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If you ordered multiple items (Pre-Order & In Stock) in 1 Order then all items will be sent together when the Pre-Order arrives. If you want the other In Stock items to ship immediately you need to place 2 separate Orders. If you already placed the Order & want the Items In Stock To ship immediately you need to contact us & pay for Shipping.

If you are Pre-Ordering multiple items we suggest placing separate Orders for each item. Sometimes Manufactures ship products at different times and if you place 1 Order for multiple Pre-Order Products you will be waiting for every item to arrive, so they all ship together. Placing a separate Order for each Pre-Order Product will allow us to ship each item as it arrives.

How Long To Ship Pre-Orders Once We Receive Them?

If the Delivery arrives before 12pm EST we will do our best to ship them out the same day. If there are a lot of Pre-Orders to fill it will probably we shipped the following Business Day. If the Delivery arrives after 12pm EST it will be shipped the following Business Day.

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At this time we will not be cancelling or refunding any Pre-Orders. Please make sure you 100% want this item and are willing to wait for it.

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